12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases That Belong In Your Home

12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases Belong To Your Home

Ceramic vases can form a great centerpiece with the right kind of plants in it. When you are choosing ceramic vases, you should never compromise on aesthetics. Here are some of the best ceramic vases that can adorn your home.

12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases Belong To Your Home
12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases That Belong In Your Home

The Goldshine Vase

If you love fancy looks, a Goldshine Vase can be great on your coffee table or office desk. When you choose this lovely vase, it is essential to select a medium tall plant so that it looks perfect in your hall.

The Gilded I-Scream Vase

The Gilded I-Scream from Jonathan Adler can help and convince people that vases are not dull. This beautiful white vase with gold dripping is indeed a fantastic vase. It is a chic looking vase and can be an excellent gift for anyone.

The Sally Blair Ceramic Vase

The Sally Blair Vase is a handmade vase that comes in a combination of purple, orange, mint, green, and yellow. You can even consider using this vase as décor without any flowers. However, adding some beautiful flowers to this artistic vase makes it look great.

The Three Hands Blue & White Ceramic Vase

Hayneedle’s ceramic vase in blue and white is a great pick when you consider the other ceramic vases. It is a beautiful vase with very classy looks and can adorn a home beautifully.

The Black Ceramic Vases

Sets of black ceramic vases are an excellent choice for minimalists. These ceramic vases come as jug, bottle, carafe, or raindrop. You can choose the type of vase depending on the plant that you wish to keep in those vases. However, you can even buy different styles and place position them in various spots to make your house look beautiful.

12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases Belong To Your Home
12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases That Belong In Your Home

The Ceramic Candle Holder Set

Free People’s ceramic holders are great to use as candle or plant holders. You can switch when the candle burns out. They look adorable and small, and you can choose them for small plants.

The Bloomingville Teal Vase

This teal vase from Bloomingville can add a funky look to your interiors with its polka design. You can choose these vases for the tall sunflowers that you like.

The Andes Rectangular Ceramic Vase

The rectangular ceramic vase is not the classic vase, and it does not give the traditional look. However, you can use them for adding glamor to your interiors by adding the kind of greenery that you prefer. Choose a plant that hangs to get the unique feel of this vase.

The Howard Elliott Matte Bronze Vase

This matte bronze vase is a beautiful piece of art that can add a touch of the bohemian look. It can be a great décor to add on the nightstand, and you can surround it with flavored candles and fun art prints.

The Black / Gold Sagebrook Ceramic Vase

The Sagebrook vase may not look like a ceramic vase as it resembles a cocktail shaker. It is a bud vase that is very glossy and has geometric patterns on it. You can place it on a bar cart amidst all the booze.

12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases Belong To Your Home
12 Gorgeous Ceramic Vases That Belong In Your Home

The Copper Ceramic Vase

This is a beautiful ceramic vase that can make a great addition to the patio or an end table. It can match one’s aesthetics with its neutral copper tones.

The Eclectic Ivory Vase

An ivory vase always exudes a luxurious and polished look that you always want. You can decorate beautiful ivory vases with multicolored flowers.

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