5 Cheap DIY Home Decor Ideas that are Super Easy to Make

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Want to make your home look more classy but don’t want to spend much on it? No worries, just follow some DIY home decor ideas that are made with cheap items or items available at your home. Creating a DIY project is not only fun but also saves money while fulfilling your decoration needs. Here are some cheap DIY home decor ideas that are super easy to make.

Make a window seating

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You may have seen those cozy window seats in movies, the cold rain, and someone sipping hot coffee while looking at the beauty of outside. To experience this romantic feeling at home, you just need to have a window that has a wide sill. First of all, measure your window sill, get a sponge foam or cushioning mattress of the same size, buy a plain fabric with designs (or recycle old bedsheets), the fabric should be larger than the foam so that you can easily make the cover; now either stitch the cover or pin it by safety pins. Place it on your window sill and add some cushion pillows.

Wooden shelves to save space

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We see a lot of wood pieces are left after making furniture for building a home, you can use those pieces to make some shelves and organize your home. Just take 10-12 flat wooden pieces, cut them in the same size, polish or color them, and stick them on the walls using nails. You can also hang them by using two nails and some rope, they are great for placing indoor plants, showpieces, books, linen, keys, and many more.

Recycle old bottles and containers

Instead of buying new items from the store, just recycle old empty bottles and containers at home; they are easy to recycle and save a lot of waste because throwing them away will only destroy nature. Clean them with soap and water, let them dry, paint each bottle with different designs and patterns and use them as pencil stand, bathroom stand, plant pot, spice container, spray bottle, flower vase, etc. If you have glass bottles/containers, they can be great lighting, candles, aroma diffuser, etc.

Color and design a wall

This is how you can save a lot of money, by coloring the walls yourself; just buy paint, a few paintbrushes, and rollers, sponges, etc and get into some creativity. Here’s how you can paint a faux brick wall- you will need a rectangular sponge, brick red color, markers, scale tape, and white cement. Start by marking the wall and drawing brick boxes using the scale, drop the sponge in paint, squeeze some paint, and press on the wall, once done, let it dry and then paint the lines with white cement.

An animal shelter in the backyard

Why not make your sweet home a welcoming place for birds and other animals? You don’t need to do any hard work, just take a few cardboard boxes and hang them on a tree; you can also place them on the terrace, balcony, or boundary wall. Make sure to add a bowl of water and some grains since birds feel thirsty they often die for food and water.


Making cheap DIY home decor ideas does not need to include things to buy, you can always go for things available at your storeroom. Recycle old bedsheets, torn blankets, clothes that you don’t wear anymore, newspapers, plastic buckets, jeans, old bags, boxes, etc.

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