A Guide to French Country Interior Design Style

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

If you’re naturally attracted to elegant, intricate details, you’re well familiar with another trait of French country decor: the frills. But the frills might not always be that obvious as you’d think. Check out these French country-inspired spaces below.

Floral print on a couch

A clock hanging from the ceiling

The drama of the floral print on a couch can draw one into a warm, welcoming environment. It works best, however, in an L-shaped or s-curved design, because the curves of the floral print can fit snugly against the walls, rather than against the sofa. Arranging flowers and plants into geometric patterns can give an air of formality to a French country home. For example, arranging long-stemmed roses against a cream or off-white background can be an elegant but simple statement. Try using an antique rug as a centerpiece for this type of furnishing.

Less is more

A bedroom with a bed and a window

Arranging found or semi-natural materials can be an expression of simple craftsmanship. In the case of this french countryside theme, the rustic stone is a good choice for wall coverings, since it allows you to showcase architectural details without having to use more elaborate wallpapers. Since French Country is all about restraint, less is more, so try and stay away from too many color combinations or patterns. The textures you choose for your French country interior designs should complement the colors of the walls and floors – if the tones are too strong, they will distract from the main theme you have chosen.

Rustic Farmhouse theme

Rustic tables and chairs are ideal items for an L-shaped theme. You can easily carry this theme into modern homes, using similar colors for the furnishings. Wicker, bamboo, and rattan make interesting and useful pieces for French countries since these are eco-friendly and sustainable resources. They go well with cream or off-white walls since they go with almost anything. For an authentic look, try and find pieces that were used during the history of French Country, such as old French furniture that has been inspired by the country’s architecture.

To create an environment that feels like a rustic farmhouse, the French country style includes a lot of use of natural materials, such as wood, natural fibers and fabrics, and plenty of natural light. Dark and heavy furnishings are out. Instead, opt for light and airy fabrics, especially if you are going for the French countryside theme. The fabrics you choose should be warm and inviting and should be able to pull the whole look together.


When it comes to accessories, there are several ways to play up the French countryside theme. A lot of people choose to include authentic-looking old-fashioned chairs and tables, as well as a few pieces of custom home decor such as wooden windchimes and stained glass items. You can also use different shades and textures of color, such as lighter and darker blues and greens, or pale yellows. Since natural materials are used extensively in French Country interior design ideas, it is important to use complementary colors that flow throughout the home.

Some modern conveniences that you could incorporate into your french country interior design style would include china hutch furniture pieces, vintage cupboards, and wooden storage boxes. There is also a plethora of unique and antique furnishings available for use. These can include rocking chairs, wooden chest tops, and various other items. As you can see, the layout of the house is highly individualized, so whatever style of furniture pieces you decide to use, make sure that they complement one another. If you want to add a truly authentic French feel to the space, it might even be a good idea to hire an interior designer.

If you love the look and feel of France, but do not want to live within its borders, you can find a way to incorporate the country’s charm into your own home. There is a wide selection of homes available for rent in France. These range from rustic farmhouse cabins to cozy and elegant lodgings designed around the country’s most popular tourist attractions. Whether you are seeking a place to relax or get away from it all, French country home is ideal. French Country interior design style is sure to bring peace and beauty to your own home.

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