Armoire: Choose The Best Piece For Your House

Armoire: Choose The Best Piece For Your House

The armoire is part of the furniture and decoration of any house. They are a necessary element since we keep our clothes in it, but it is also decorative since there are come in many styles.

Choosing the right one is not always an easy task. Due to a large number of styles, sizes, types, and materials, it is very easy to take home the wrong closet.

Armoire: Choose The Best Piece For Your House
Armoire: Choose The Best Piece For Your House

Keep in mind that a good closet is a good investment and an acquisition that will practically last a lifetime.

In today’s article, we will give you clues so that you can take home the perfect closet.

What Type Of Armoire Do I Need?

First of all, it is necessary that you know what type of closet you need.

If you have a good space the best thing you can do is opt for a closet with modules or exempt. The modules are great because you can add as many as you need and want, thus varying the size.

Am I Going To Place It?

The second thing to ask yourself is where you are going to place the closet. The reason is that there are different styles and a closet for a children’s room is not the same as for a guest room or a dressing room or a couple of rooms.

You must also decide if you want the closet to be fully integrated with the decoration you already have or if you want it to stand out or if on the contrary, you prefer it to go unnoticed.

Who Will Use Armoire?

This is also an important aspect because depending on your response the armoire should be of one size or another.

For example, if you live alone, of course, you will use the closet by yourself, so it can be the size that suits you.

However, in a double children’s room, you should ask yourself if you want two individual cabinets of small-medium size or a large one that can be used by both children.

In the case of the couple rooms, the same thing happens. If you share a closet you should think about it is comfortable for both of you.

To share a closet without discussions, it is best to use accessories that help organize the interior.

The Doors

There are different types of doors and therefore opening armoire.

First, we have swing doors. These are the traditional doors of “all life.”

If you choose this type of door you need to know that a minimum of about 45 cm is needed to open it without colliding with anything.

Armoire: Choose The Best Piece For Your House
Armoire: Choose The Best Piece For Your House

Second, we found the sliding doors. This type of door is great for saving space since the panels move in parallel.

Finally, the folding doors. They are really less common but they are also a possibility.

The choice of the type of door will depend on the size you have for the closet and what the bottom of its measures.

For example, a closet with a little bottom is better to have swing doors.

On the other hand, it will depend on where you place the closet since folding and folding doors can interfere with the rest of the furniture.

How Should The Interior Be?

The interior of the closet is a very important aspect in which we must look at when purchasing one.

To choose the right one, we must think about all of the above, especially who or who will use it? And where are we going to place it?

In general, a normal closet and a small, minimum size must have a recess for hanging clothes, another for folded clothes and another with at least one drawer. From there what you need.

It is true that today there are more cabinets that allow accessories that help improve distribution and add space for clothes.

There is even armoire whose interior is fully customizable thanks to these accessories.

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