Ashley HomeShop Furniture A Guide to Their Furniture

ashley home furniture

Ashley HomeShop is an American retail furniture chain which sells Ashley furniture products from all across the country. Launched in 1997, the company consists of over 800 outlets in the US.

The retail outlets are located in cities such as Chicago, Houston, New York and more. The company is owned by several different private owners. The owner of the company, Craig Wightman, has made some major changes in the company over the years to keep it fresh and up-to-date with modern styles and designs.

Ashley Home Shop Furniture Offers A Wide Range

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The company offers a huge range of furniture from both domestic and commercial use. The home furniture includes things like bedroom sets, bedding, headboards and dining room furniture. The company offers an extensive collection of dining room furniture, dining set, breakfast nook furniture, kitchen furniture, and more.

Other than the furniture, the company also provides a wide range of other accessories for the use of the customers. These include kitchen hardware, curtains, and many other kitchen or bedroom related items. The accessories range from kitchen items, to bedroom items. The items are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes and sizes.

Available At Discount Prices

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The company is known for offering furniture at discount prices and in attractive styles. The company also offers discounts on many of their products to its customers. Many of these products come with limited warranties, so it is very important that the furniture is purchased from the company itself to avoid any potential damages.

The company also offers a variety of furniture that can be customized with designs and fabrics. This allows the customers to make their own unique pieces of furniture with the help of the company. The company also offers the customers the opportunity to have some customization work done on the pieces of furniture they purchase. Some of the custom work include adding cushions or upholstery for their pieces.

The Ashley HomeShop website gives a comprehensive list of all the different types of furniture that the company has to offer. All of these items are priced fairly and have a variety of options to choose from. The company has different pricing structures for all types of furniture.

You Can Also Buy Online

The company is an online retailer and has a very convenient online presence. The company’s website allows customers to have access to various pieces of furniture without leaving the comfort of their homes. The website also lets them view pictures and videos about all the furniture the company has to offer as well as detailed descriptions of the product. The company also provides complete details about each piece of furniture so customers can decide which one would suit their needs the best.

The company also gives detailed descriptions about each item so that the customer’s needs can be clearly defined. This way the customer can easily find the right furniture for their home. Ashley HomeShop also offers free shipping on all items to customers who order from the company.

You Can Read Reviews

The company also offers reviews on each of its pieces of furniture and customer reviews on their website. This way customers can easily find out what other customers think about the products. Reviews on each item by their past customers can also be viewed and reviewed online as well.


Ashley HomeShop also offers a satisfaction guarantee to the customers who make purchases from their website. The warranty that is offered by the company is the longest warranty of all of its competitors. However, this warranty does not last for as long as the warranties offered by most of its competitors. Ashley HomeShop also has a policy of giving one year warranty on their furniture.

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