Basement Finishing Tips To Add The Final Touch -

Basement Finishing Tips To Add The Final Touch

Basement Finishing Tips To Add The Final Touch

Basement finishing sounds easy, but unless the house is relatively new, follow these tips to remodel the basement because most basements are not made and then transformed into living spaces.

Even so, most of the challenges faced during basement finishing can be overcome with planning and a creative mind.

Basement Finishing: Plan The Exits And Escape Routes

Basement Finishing Tips To Add The Final Touch
Basement Finishing Tips To Add The Final Touch

Building codes demands the existence of safe and accessible exit routes in cases of emergency, especially if the basement to be renovated is going to have a sleeping room.

A common necessity is a window opening that is large enough to be able to exit through it and that offers an easy access floor level. A common solution when remodeling the basement is to make a cut in the foundations and build a well for the escape window.

Basement finishing can provide you with additional space at a reasonable cost. While this space can be transformed into a series of useful spaces, it will face some challenges. These difficulties can be surmounted with a little planning and preparation.

Output Means

Each owner will have different needs for the new living space offered by the basement area. These uses may include a game room, service room, leisure room, dark room or perhaps spare bedrooms. In most basements there is only one staircase from the floor level of the house to the basement. If you intend to use the space for bedrooms, it will be vital for you to create a second means of exit. In case of a fire unfolding in the house, a single exit from the basement could be fatal for anyone in that area. A secondary stairway to the outside is preferable, but not always feasible. However, in most homes there will not be an area where a window can be installed.

Basement Finishing  For Humidity Control

The biggest problem that many homeowners will face is excess moisture. This can lead to damage to furniture and wall coverings, and can also pose a health risk. If there is a moisture problem in your basement, it will have to be addressed before any additional work is carried out. If the walls have not been painted, there are products that can be painted that really penetrate the surface of the concrete and act as a barrier to water. You can also install a dehumidifier to control the level of humidity in the area. It is important to circulate the air in all areas of the basement, so be sure to carefully plan your heating and air conditioning system for this area.

Basement Finishing Tips To Add The Final Touch
Basement Finishing Tips To Add The Final Touch

Work Duct/Electrical Components

If the heating and air ducts run through your basement instead of your attic, you have another design element to consider. In some cases, it will be likely to redirect the exhaust system and have it run between the floor beams. If you have enough space above, you can also consider a suspended ceiling. If you have the extra space, just suspend the ceiling below the existing ductwork network and save time and money. You can also have plumbing items to avoid this. If you cannot transfer these items, you will be required to design your floor plan to accommodate these items.

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