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Bedding Sets: Types Of Fabrics In The Market

Bedding Sets: Types Of Fabrics In The Market

Buying bedding sets at a good price is a much more complicated task than it may seem. If you are guided only by the price, you can end up buying very low-quality bedding sets. It can also be the opposite case that you trust that the higher prices will guarantee you greater quality and durability and you end up paying a fortune for some mid-range bedding sets.


Cotton is without a doubt one of the most common materials in bedding sets. This is because it is a durable, breathable, soft and relatively inexpensive material.

Bedding Sets: Types Of Fabrics In The Market
Bedding Sets: Types Of Fabrics In The Market

You can find bedding with a 100% cotton composition or mixed with other materials such as polyester. The greater the amount of cotton, the more breathable your bedding sets will be, the better. The bedding sets with mixed compositions are becoming more relevant since these can be found in more colors and prints, are more affordable and have good quality.

If you focus on 100% cotton bedding you will also find different qualities, so you should look for 100% cotton 200 thread count bedding, it has a superior weight and is softer and durable.


Next to cotton, polyester is the second most widespread type of material for bedding sets today. It is a synthetic material that is, artificially developed. Therefore, it is the most economical option.

To the touch, the material is less soft. In the same way, it is more comfortable for use in sheets, since it does not wrinkle and does not suffer so much when washing. Usually, it is usually combined with other materials, so you will find 50% polyester, 50% cotton sheets.


The very famous silk is an extra soft and very fine fibre is one of the most luxurious options. Silk sheets are very fresh, soft and silky. Natural silk is made by silkworms, it is very expensive since the process of obtaining the material is very complex. However, today there are similar, more affordable options such as satin.


Fabrics such as satin allow us to obtain the softness and freshness of silk at rest but at a much more affordable price. The satin is made from other materials such as cotton but its manufacture is made from extremely fine threads that intersect along with the fabric.

It is characterized above all by its elegant exterior brightness and its soft touch. It is also very easy to iron and light.

Bedding Sets: Types Of Fabrics In The Market
Bedding Sets: Types Of Fabrics In The Market


Tencel is a tissue that is extracted from the pulp of trees such as eucalyptus. It is a type of fabric that is considered very environmentally friendly since it requires little water and chemical or artificial materials for its production.

The fabric is mostly used to make pillow or mattress protective covers since they are waterproof. It is less common to find it on countertop sheets since although they are breathable, they are not as much uptight as the rest.

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