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Home is our sanctuary, a place where we can busk in serenity and comfort. So, it might be exhilarating to design it but it can be very overwhelming as well. There are various difficulties to overcome for achieving the perfect balance between function and form. Even if we have our particular style, little details are as important as the big picture.

Home Decor with Dainty Details and Soft Hues

A glass door

The dainty details and the soft hues have built the cozy heaven of 1800 square feet home.

Despite the compact size of the home, the place looks more open and commodious due to its minimal and linear home decor and invokes a sense of tranquility.

With the wooden hues, the utilization of neutral colors like white and beige creates a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere while accomplishing a sophisticated look.

The designer has used each nook and corner of the three-bedroom-hall-kitchen apartment to its maximization. It has given the home character and volume while amalgamating the finer details.

Peranakan-Style Home Decor

A large brick tower with a clock on the side of a building

With the combination of Malay and Chinese influences, the Peranakan style has been timeless for its distinctive allure in home decorations. The apartment stands apart from the rest by blending together the conventional Peranakan style and the contemporary Linear Space Concepts.

Several items of the home were purchased from the local shops in Malaysia and Singapore, the prior being the home of the Peranakan style.

The designer created a perfect balance between the clean lines and the ornate components as noticeable in the cabinets that are featuring a rectilinear home design by standing next to the dining area.

The three main colors- blue, red, and yellow with the straight lines add a modern contradiction to the soft curves and motifs.

The master bathroom projects the Peranakan motifs heavily with glass partition and patterned styles. The major characteristic of the Peranakan design is ornate carvings which are elegantly displayed on the wooden turquoise cabinets, captivating the past and present with fineness.

Home Decor Inspired by Indian Art Form

The core focus of this home decor is Indian art and Nature and with this combination, we have a stunning home in its conceptualization, fineness, and execution.

With a Mosambi tree, faux grass, and colorful furniture in the central courtyard, the home gives a relaxing vibe. In the isolated corners, the geometric shapes along with delicate pink lotus motifs add a soothing and endearing element to the bungalow.

The concept of the lotus motif continues from the courtyard to the staircase that leads to the second story of the house. The contrast of the brick wall stands perfectly alongside the grey textured wall.

The landing of the staircase reverberates the serenity of a greenhouse or a gazebo. In including nature, the designer has just not stopped adding greenery but also moonlight and sunlight to each corner of the home.


From choosing the right color palette to finding the right furniture, several significant things are necessary for us to think about in-depth. Therefore, we have made it simple and brought three spectacular home decor ideas for you to choose from.

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