Bringing Your Kitchen Back To Life

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Adding bright kitchen counters to your home will bring your kitchen style to life. You will be able to get creative and experiment with color, patterns, textures, and shapes to make your kitchen space unique and special.


The first thing you need to decide is how much counter space you want to add. Some people have a small kitchen but wish to add counter height cabinets for more storage and counter space. Others have a larger kitchen and need more space on the top.


Once you know what your needs are, you can begin looking at countertops and matching accessories to complement the counter. With a new countertop, you can have a new design and color palette that you can adjust to suit your own tastes and style.

Bringing Your Kitchen Back to Life
Bringing Your Kitchen Back To Life

Other Things To Consider

Another important aspect of your kitchen counter is a way to hide the plumbing or electrical wires that may run through the countertop. That way you don’t have to worry about getting a hot tea or coffee spilled on your new counter.

A glossy countertop is always going to look great in a bright kitchen, but it is also easier to stain. If you paint your kitchen counter before installing a stain, the two can co-exist peacefully. You may need to paint your counter first, then apply a stain to match your existing kitchen paint.

You can always mix and match beautiful colors to keep the bright theme going in your kitchen. You might choose to paint one wall of your kitchen with a very neutral white paint color that would compliment a light wood kitchen island or cabinetry.

Bringing Your Kitchen Back to Life
Bringing Your Kitchen Back To Life

You don’t need to use just one color to achieve this effect. Use different shades of the same color to add variation and mix and match for a more interesting look.

Choose Paint

It is always a good idea to test out several different kinds of paint before painting your kitchen counter. Paint is very expensive and you want to make sure you like the color before you commit to the project. You may have to work with an artist to find a color that matches your taste, but the kitchen can be one of the biggest parts of your home.

It is easy to change the look of a room with a new furniture set and a new paint job. You can also enhance the look of your kitchen counter with some new furniture and accessories.

If you can’t afford new accessories, you can always purchase new accessories to replace the ones you are replacing. The fun part of purchasing new accessories is that you can see exactly how they will fit into your new kitchen.

When you add new cabinets and accessories, the new kitchen look can oftentimes match your current cabinets. That means that you can complete your look and add beauty and sophistication with the colors, styles, and materials that you love.

Bottom Line

Bright Kitchen countertops and accessories are the easiest way to achieve a professional, stylish, yet relaxing, look in your kitchen. You can also use a combination of bright, contrasting accessories to create a colorful and modern look.

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