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Ceiling Design Ideas To Decorate Even Better

Ceiling Design Ideas To Decorate Even Better

Ceiling design is something that makes us love our home even more. In each space where we permeate it with details, colors, elements that we like, we feel more identified with our place. Be it the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom, they all deserve special attention and there is a place where we can eventually increase the design of our spaces: the ceiling.

Although most people prefer not to decorate it for financial reasons or simply believe it is not necessary, a well-decorated ceiling design can completely transform an environment. Whether with colors, textures, lighting, moldings or other elements, bringing new ones to the ceiling design is a way to further improve the creative universe without leaving home.

Ceiling Design Ideas To Decorate Even Better
Ceiling Design Ideas To Decorate Even Better

Ceiling Design  – In Minimalist Style

The minimalist decoration is a way of having an environment of great proportions of the same color tone, but with contrasting details that end up standing out in the environment. An example: a black detail in the middle of the white. And it is precisely this style and this detail that we can see in this project full of elegance everywhere.

With the choice of a beautiful white sofa in the middle of light colors, the predominance of white was impregnated in the ceiling that gained a detail that stands out throughout the environment. The black girdle with recessed lights was the perfect way to bring the minimalist style to the decoration.

An excellent source of inspiration for the roof of your house. Featured and with few details.

Ceiling Design – With Colors

The prints always bring personality to the decoration of the environments. On the walls, the choice of artistic designs with many colors is perfect to celebrate the artistic and creative thinking of those who live in the home.

This idea can also be directed to the decoration of the ceiling, as we see in this project. With the use of black and orange colors, the design of the ceiling gives the feeling of being lower, at the same time that it touches our sensibility to see it so close. The idea can be used with ceiling paint, as with the use of wallpaper with the colors you prefer. 

An important tip is to work on the ceiling with colors that exist in the environment, such as black in this case, which is found on the sofas.

With Beams

The beams are optimal to give the roof feelings of longer environments and also reduce the height of the ceiling. The beams are also an excellent decorative element to permeate the rusticity and elegance of the space. 

In this project, the room is all structured in stones, gaining a company with wood in every detail. On the floor, the choice of a laminate coating is perfect to serve as the basis for an incredible decoration that works perfectly with the door and window frames.

On the roof, the use of parallel beams with each other brings the feeling of a longer place. The way in which the decoration was worked on in this project is perfect in every detail.

Ceiling Design Ideas To Decorate Even Better
Ceiling Design Ideas To Decorate Even Better

With Coatings

The most common decorative elements for the ceiling could not remain outside our list. Widely used to protect and beautify the environment, the coating follows the same line as the previous tips, when used in parallel on longer limbs, prolong the environment; if they are used in the shorter limbs, they expand the space.

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