Classic Designs From C GB Interiors

traditional interior design

A traditional interior design style is simply placeless and timeless, never busy and never too formal but never too casual. The types of furnishings, textiles, paint colors, and textures used in traditional designs are familiar and often referenced rather than current-style trends. A traditional interior design style is a good match for period properties, as well as being a good fit for eclectic homeowners. If you are interested in renovating and changing the look of your home from time to time, a traditional interior design style can fit the bill quite nicely.

Classic Designs from CGB Interiors

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The main characteristic of a traditional interior design style is clean lines. The use of sharp, simple lines is to create a sense of depth and order in the room, rather than clutter or excess. Clean lines can be achieved by using a lot of white or light pastels in the color palette and also choosing smooth textured wood surfaces for accessories and furnishings. Chests, and shelving are very common in this style. When using white walls, remember to apply a little at the corners to maintain the clean lines.

This is an “easy” style to achieve as most of the emphasis is on functionality rather than ornateness. Themes are very common, however it is also possible to choose something entirely different. Ornate scroll artwork is often used on open shelving and large cabinets to give them a very antique look. Decorative elements such as floral arrangements, engraved plates and cutlery, and carved wood are very common. Use plenty of glass and mirrors for creating a beautiful effect.

This style is very versatile and flexible, allowing for any number of decorating options. For a traditional interior design feel, dark wood with a lighter base color is often used. The accessories can be either traditional or contemporary, giving the room dimensionality. Large, dark wood cabinets and pantries are often used for this style.

This style is very welcoming and can fit into any number of home decor environments. Dark wood tones are often paired with iron furnishings for a rustic appearance. Lovely sconces and candleholders are included in this design. This is another option that can easily transition into other decorating styles.

This is one of the most romantic of all traditional interior design styles. Rich fabrics and delicate lace accents add to the romantic atmosphere. Colors range from off-white to deep burgundy and mocha. Fabrics such as chiffon, satin, silk, velvet, and brocade are often used. Tasteful wooden or metal implements and pottery pieces, such as picture frames and end tables, complete this charming look.

This style displays strong geometric patterns. Rounded edges and sharp corners are used to support the heavy, solid furnishings. Shapes include round, square, oval, rectangular, and unique designs, such as trapezoids, rhombuses, and symmetrical rectangles. Symmetrical lines are used on everything, from floors to table legs to window treatments. Walls are often painted a neutral color.

An interesting, unique, and charming twist on the traditional interior design style is the use of traditional styles, blended with the latest decorative designs by talented CTG artists. CGB artists have created some truly unique pieces that have been inspired by different cultures around the world, and displayed them in fine art galleries and museums around the country. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled wood carpenters and artisans. This is a fun and exciting style to choose for your home decor; CTG artists create beautifully crafted, functional, eye-catching pieces that are sure to make any room in your home more attractive.

These woven textiles create a timeless look, with unique colors and textures. The woven, durable fabric is easy to care for and is highly attractive and functional. Because of its timeless appeal, C GB furniture offers classic versatility at an affordable price.

This style is very flowing and elegant, featuring horizontal or vertical patterns. The deep hues are always very pleasing, bringing out the light and bright colors in the scheme. It is never a bad choice, and looks great whether you decide to keep it traditional or modern. Because of it’s flowing, fluid lines, this style always coordinates well with other elements, and can be used in both traditional and contemporary settings. If you want to create a truly classic feel in a room, this is the ideal choice.

End Note

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The classical, elegant style presented here, reflects the beauty of a traditional home in a very loving manner. The soft pastels and delicate lace work are never harsh, and feature rich shades of cream, beige, ivory, and cream. This collection of colors will look wonderful in any setting, and blend so well with other traditional furnishings. The combination of these rich colors with subtle floral accents, and unique throws and cushions will bring out the timeless essence of your traditional home.

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