Dresser: Right Ways To Choose The Perfect One

Dresser: Right Ways To Choose The Perfect One

Choosing the right dresser does not have to be complicated if you take into account the 5 tips that we are going to give you below.

This choice is important because, in general, all the furniture is. But it is even more so when it occurs to storage spaces.

We all like to have the house in order and for this, we need a place to store everything from food to clothes, through toilet accessories or bathroom accessories.

Dresser: Right Ways To Choose The Perfect One
Dresser: Right Ways To Choose The Perfect One

Hence the importance of choosing furniture that not only has a decorative function but also helps us in the work of storage.

One of the furniture that, without a doubt, should not be missing in a home is the comfortable ones.

How To Choose The Ideal Dresser: 5 Basic Tips

Size And Format

Choosing the ideal dresser also includes choosing it in the right size and format.

As we mentioned earlier, the comfortable ones are identified by being wide and not very tall.

They usually have a single line of drawers that, almost always, are double-handle. This is the traditional format, however, you can find in the market a wide range of possibilities.

The most modern is determined by more striking and sometimes almost impossible designs.

If you are daring and like to get out of the pattern, look for an eclectic design chest of drawers

The Color

The color of the dresser will depend, to a large extent, on the color range that is present in the room where it will be placed.

As for this aspect, there are comfortable in all colors. From the simplest to the most daring and modern combinations.

Another option is to buy an old dresser and restore it.

One of the trends that are best for the comfortable is to paint a classic dresser of some more striking color and with worn corners.

There are also colored drawers.

Color is one of the aspects with which you can have more fun choosing it.

The Material For Your Dresser

Choosing the ideal dresser also has to do with the choice of material.

  • Wood: they are the most classic. Also the heaviest and the most durable, if it is good wood.
  • Metallic: they look like lockers and are ideal for an industrial or even rustic style.
  • Lacquered DM: it is a lighter material and imitates wood. They can be found in many colors.
  • Combination of materials
  • Wicker: yes, there are also wicker dressers and they are great for beach or country houses.

The Style

There are as many comfortable styles as decorative styles.

The best thing to choose the right dresser is to look at what decorative style the room where the dresser will be placed is inspired with.

Dresser: Right Ways To Choose The Perfect One
Dresser: Right Ways To Choose The Perfect One

Where To Buy It From

Today there are many large areas that are dedicated to the sale of home furnishings.

It’s fine to visit those stores because they give us a real idea of what we can find in the market. However, we encourage you to venture to buy online.

There are many online stores that sell at authentic prices, many of them are limited edition or even customized.

Another option, which we love, is to visit markets or second-hand stores, especially if what you want is a vintage piece of furniture that you can restore.

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