Four Popular Bohemian Style Interior Design

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Bohemian style interior design first began in the 19th century in Paris, France. Many artists, performers, writers and nomads with their respective cultures, ideals and refusal to conform to what was accepted and started an interior design trend. They named it bohemian style. They wished to overturn beauty standards by changing the rules and nourishing the unconventional. These styles are defined by a lack of structure. They opted for carefree layers of pattern, texture and colour. There are no hard rules for the bohemian artists. The main theme of the bohemian aesthetic is that it is personal and relaxed. This is the only style which is not styled for anyone else’s enjoyment but your own. 


A large building with a clock in the middle of a room

Bohemian style interior design is centered around art, music, literature and political discourse. In this style furniture is only selected to represent memories, friends, beliefs etc. Here is nothing selected to impress others. It only reflects one’s values and ;ife history. It is a style where there is no such thing as too much. All the furniture works in the aesthetic pattern. Either the overall look will be so complicated or it will be as clear as you want to be. 

2.Boho Colour Palette

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Royal blues, pinks, metallic golds,as well as bright shades of emerald greens are very much important in bohemian style interior design. There are not any standard colors or accent colors. You can go for a bold style or you can go for a clean look. But if you can keep it clean you can choose more intense colors in your textiles. If you want to create a bold statement you can choose colors like avocado green, vivid pink or add more colors by your decor choices.

3.Bohemian Decor 

Bohemian style interior design often includes mixing of materials like burlap with more sleek materials like silk. You can also design it with bohemian style pillows, classic floor poufs and area rugs. You can add a plethora of lights such as lamps, candles, sconces to create a calm atmosphere. You can also add botanicals such as ferns to provide a refreshing pop of color. 

4.Mixing And Layering In Bohemian Interiors

One of the most important keys of bohemian style interior design is  combinations and adding various layers.  A boho room is filled with both mixing finishes and layering elements of decor. A bright palm printed wallpaper with mid century table lamps and a Moroccan wedding blanket in the bedroom can add a new feature to your life. You can also decorate your dining room with a rustic table and with some mismatched chairs. What makes bohemian style interior design different from others is its intentional layering. 

Bottom Lines

The word bohemian refers to someone who is socially unconventional and involved in the arts. They can make a great bohemian style interior design option for a rich and congested place full of visual interests. But how can you make your  bohemian look so distinctive and different and how to get the look right discussed in this article.

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