Hallway: Essential Part Of Our House I Top Ideas To Decorate

Hallway: Essential Part Of Our House

Hallway: Essential Part Of Our House

Through the hallway we access the rooms. However, we do not usually consider them as a stay that should be pleasant to the eye. Although not a priority, decorating the hallways can make transitions between rooms much more enjoyable.

Hallway: Essential Part Of Our House
Hallway: Essential Part Of Our House

The general idea to decorate a corridor is to put pictures on the wall, or photographs of the family on the furniture that may exist. However, we rarely stop to appreciate these elements.

To decorate the hallway in a much more attractive way, we must think about those elements that we will observe when passing through them, and that has value for us.

With What Elements Should You Decorate The Hallway

  • A mirror:  It brings a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. It is best to place it on the side, if the aisle is narrow, or at the bottom, if the aisle is short.
  • A table:  Preferably narrow and without drawers, so as not to store things that are not going to be used. On it, you can put a nice table runner or flowers that attract a little attention.
  • Decorative objects:  If the size of the aisle allows it, larger accessories can be placed: floor lamps, large vases, figures on the floor…
  • A lamp:  If the lamp is colourful and ornamental, it will serve both to decorate and to illuminate. If it is smaller, we can place it in a way that helps highlight the rest of the elements.
  • A carpet:  It can help make the home more cosy and warm. If there are more carpets in the house, it can help to unify the decoration in general.
  • Paint/wallpaper: To add a touch of colour, you can decorate a paper wall hanging or a coat of paint or print something flashy. You can also use both elements to break the visual monotony and achieve dynamism.
  • Murals: Some images of very pleasant landscapes help to create the illusion that the corridor does not end there, but connects with a natural space. The best thing about this type of elements is that they can be customized.

Ideas To Decorate The Hallway

Since they are not usually very wide, it is best to decorate the hallway to give prominence to a single element. The colour of the walls and the rest of the decoration should be consistent with the main element so as not to recharge the room.

Hallway: Essential Part Of Our House
Hallway: Essential Part Of Our House

A good idea to highlight an element is to paint the walls and ceiling white, and choose an element, such as a carpet, that attracts attention by contrasting colour or texture. You can search for original pieces that stand out for being different from what you usually see.

In the end, we have the last word about decoration, since we are better to know the space and what we would like to see reflected in it. Don’t be afraid to experiment, an idea can lead to another much better than you can believe.

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