Home Office: Creative Ideas For Set Up

Home Office: Creative Ideas For Set Up

It is difficult for someone to completely ignore everything that is happening around them. And this is normal because paying attention to something that could put us in danger is vital for the survival of human beings.

Even today, our biology prevents us from focusing completely on a task while we have someone in sight or hearing, so any vision or sound (including the reflection of a window) can minimize our concentration.

Now I will talk about what you can incorporate into the home office to be more creative and efficient. After all, nobody seeks to work too much, does it?

Home Office – Choose An Isolated Place

Home Office: Creative Ideas For Set Up
Home Office: Creative Ideas For Set Up

Establish your office as far as possible from the social areas of your home, such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.

Even if you think yourself an expert in watching TV while you work, you are not being efficient. However, if you are not listening to conversations or seeing how others carry out their activities, you will work better.

Place Walls And/Or Doors To Eliminate Distractions

Maybe this office does not have everything, for example, sunlight, but the fact of being able to close doors to block the sound is important when it comes to preserving creative energy. Also, the closed doors indicate that you are busy, so if someone searches for you to interrupt, it will be for an important reason.

The traditional walls don’t work for you? Try other options. If you are looking for space opening or if the construction of the walls is expensive, you can try to use sliding doors.

Use Good Music

It is true that music will help you more than the sound of the television while you work, but definitely the ambient sound is the one that can help you most if you want to do your best. Try to download music with “natural” sounds that will help you.

Take Advantage Of The Sun

Daylight keeps circadian rhythms in tune with your geographic location.

Do you think that doesn’t matter? When your rhythms are not right, your performance is much lower, the wounds heal slower and this can cause you to fall into a sad physical state of mind.

Reduce Your Distractions With Tall Windows

If there is no way to do this, you can use heavy curtains to block anything that could distract you, and at the same time let in a little sun.

Home Office – Color Your Light

Warm light or golden light is the best place to relax, but the light blue is advisable to keep alert. Buy bulbs that give a slightly bluish tone, but don’t invest in blue light bulbs that ink too much.

Never work with any light that cannot occur naturally, unnatural light is a distraction in itself.

Reduce Visual Complexity

This is somewhat complicated to explain, but it is really important. To avoid cognitive overload when working it is important not to have your space saturated how? Be simple and tidy.

Home Office: Creative Ideas For Set Up
Home Office: Creative Ideas For Set Up

Home Office – Work On High Ceilings

We think more creatively if we have a large vertical space, so if what you do at home requires you to be innovative, choose to establish your home office in an area that has a high ceiling.

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