How To Pick The Perfect Target Floor Lamps

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

If you’re looking to illuminate your living room with something unique, modern, and stylish, you should consider the appeal of the target floor lamp. This piece of furniture offers you an opportunity to turn your living room into a unique space that you can enjoy for years to come. Whether you choose one with an industrial vibe or an eclectic touch, this type of lamp will help your home stand out from others in your neighborhood. To ensure that you pick the suitable model, pay close attention to these helpful tips on choosing the perfect target floor lamps.

Decide What Type Of Lighting You Need

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

The first step in picking out a new floor lamp is deciding what kind of lighting you need. Table lamps are meant for use on your end tables or next to chairs while standing lamps should stand directly on your floor, though they can also be used on end tables. If you’re looking for something that can serve double duty as both an ambient light and task light, consider getting a swing-arm lamp. You can move it back and forth depending on whether you want direct lighting over a surface or just ambient light in your room.

Consider Size

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You have two options when it comes to floor lamps. The first are stand-alone lamps that are designed for use with a table or desk. The second and most common type of floor lamp rests on top of your existing furniture. If you plan on using your light in an office or study room, then it’s essential that you choose one that compliments your existing furniture, especially if it has a specific style or theme.

Consider Style

When choosing a floor lamp, it’s essential to consider its overall style. Do you want a modern, industrial floor lamp or something more traditional? The look and feel of your home or office can help determine what type of lamp you choose. Regardless of your preferred design, make sure that your floor lamp is compatible with your light sources. A single-bulb wall sconce isn’t going to function well on a floor lamp meant for three bulbs.

Consider Functionality

Once you’ve chosen a lamp, consider its purpose. Is it just for looks? Do you want it for reading or ambient lighting? Is it for your kid’s room? How much light do you need in that room? Some lamps come with dimmers, so if a light is an issue, say, if you work at home and prefer to use natural sunlight as much as possible, make sure your target floor lamp has one. And consider the brightness. The best way to tell how bright something is when it’s on (and not in-store) is by checking out the lumens listed on each bulb type. So instead of guessing by looking at size alone, make sure you know what light output will suit your needs when shopping online or shopping in-store.

The Bottom Line

Before you go shopping for a new floor lamp, arm yourself with as much information as possible. The more informed you are, not only about your lighting needs but also about specific floor lamps and how they function, it means you’ll be able to pick out something that will meet your needs and look amazing in your home.

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