Making Your Own Farmhouse Interior

farmhouse interior

Farmhouse interior design usually focuses on practicality and functionality, relying heavily on white shades and easily obtainable natural materials. Dark elements such as black and grey are also typical of farmhouse interior design. However, another important factor is that whatever colour the walls are, it should enhance the room’s main function – the food! The most crucial element in a farmhouse is the dining table. The design should be such that the table’s size and shape do not clash with other furniture or fixtures in the room.

The layout of a farmhouse interior normally follows a single colour theme. This allows for the walls to be clearly defined and the dining table positioned in an appropriate position within the dining room. The design tries to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by creating a relaxed and familiar environment. Farmhouse design relies heavily on elements found in nature, such as wood, stone, metal and glass. Modern farmhouse interior design incorporates these elements into a modern take on the rustic country cottage style.

An Overview

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The first thing to consider is the entrance to the room. Barn-like structures with a barn-style door set in front of a window are ideal. However, if the entryway is straight, it can be covered with wooden panels. The panels can be opaque or translucent, depending on your preference. An exposed ceiling also adds a unique feature to the entryway, giving it the appearance of a barn even though it is only one level.

Barn-like structures can have a variety of farmhouse style elements; open spaces featuring exposed brick walls and a light fixture on each side. In the barn style, light fixtures hung from the ceiling are covered with wooden panels to give the structure the appearance of a barn. Pendant light fixtures sit low enough to be placed just above head level and blend beautifully with the panels of the walls. This type of light fixture is great for hanging lamps over a table or desk for a cozy reading atmosphere.

Another farmhouse design element to integrate is hanging lanterns. These lanterns can be covered in a variety of accents, such as white paint, rustic colored trim and even hardware. A small wrought iron lamp shade can sit above a hanging lamp on the floor that features an accent wall, creating a warm, inviting room. The shade also offers the added benefit of allowing you to see the details of intricate farmhouse design elements, such as hanging baskets.

Making Farmhouse Interior

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When incorporating elements of the countryside, a few special touches can complete the look. One subtle touch to incorporate is adding wooden shutters to the windows. These shutters provide the perfect accent to any modern farmhouse interior design elements because they can match the colors or textures found throughout the house. If shutters are not easily available, another option is to simply purchase custom made wooden shutters from a farmhouse supply company.

Add a touch of rural grace to your farmhouse dining area by replacing the chairs in the dining area with rustic benches. The color scheme you choose will be determined by the color scheme you have used throughout the rest of the house. If you have chosen a warm color scheme, you may want to add some light touches of color in the walls and dining area by using vintage paintings or by finding barn animal print pillows. Add a few throw pillows on the ends of each bench and you have a unique place to enjoy a meal.

To complete the look, finish off the effect with a colorful rug in one of your favorite farmhouse interiors. Barn animal prints, light blue and white walls and a warm rug all make great accents to any farmhouse interior. To pull everything together, add a contemporary corkscrew and wine rack for the wine experience. And for the ultimate finishing touch, install a modern flat screen television above the table. Complete your own unique style for a truly comfortable and memorable retreat.

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