Mid Century Modern Interior Decorating Styles

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Mid century modern interior design is a huge trend in the world today, and it’s still set to carry on for quite some time. The look first became popular in America in the mid 1930s, and involved clean, simple lines, natural materials, and an overall emphasis on function over form. It is often described as ” minimalist “. The whole idea behind this look is to make a space look less cluttered and more elegant and spacious. There are several different influences that designers can take from here, such as German expressionism, art deco, as well as the “modernized” styles which are currently taking hold in the UK and across Europe.

Minimalistic Furniture Usage

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Another big influence is the use of “minimalistic” pieces of furniture. Minimalism is a design principle which says that there are too many things in a space, so the more pieces of furniture you use, the more it will clutter up and look unorganized. Some big designs that employ this are contemporary Japanese living room furniture, Scandinavian open cabinetry and cabinets, and even pieces of American Craftsman furniture. As mentioned above, this has been a big trend in interior designers’ attires this year. Many designers have followed suit, having their own take on this style.

Furnishings and Decor

A living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv

Speaking of designers, the most interesting and common trend is having art deco inspired furnishings and decor. This look has become all the rage with home decorators, both interior and exterior. It’s a type of interior which many people are getting to know more about, especially those who have a passion for antiques. Art deco influenced furniture includes modern reproductions of furnishings, cabinets, beds, dressers, rugs, lamps, and other similar items.

Dining room and kitchen designers have also jumped on the bandwagon with retro modern interior designs. Here, light colors, geometric shapes, along with bold patterns and prints are used. It gives a more streamlined look, as well as giving homeowners a clean and uncluttered environment. In keeping with the concept of minimalism, the dining room and kitchen areas often get their inspiration from art deco period pieces of furniture.

Mid Century Modern Interior Designs

Furniture designers also have a great influence on mid-century modern design styles. As stated earlier, this design style is characterized by simplicity. That being said, it’s still possible to find intricate elements like lift tops and exposed paneling. It’s all about the use of different textures, fabrics, colors, and materials. Furniture and interior designers who specialize in this style of design give their clients appealing and unique modern furniture collections which they can proudly display in their homes.

The Color Scheme

A popular element of mid century modern home decor is the use of color scheme. It’s all about using the right combination of colors and hues to achieve a clean and crisp interior look. Color combinations for this design style revolve around mimicking the hues and tones of white, beige, gray, yellow, gold, copper, or even silver. This color scheme is known to be very functional, as it matches most decors.

It’s not enough that designers and interior designers stick to the white palette. Even accessories and accents have to be in the right shades. Geometric patterns and textures like marble, rough woods, glass, or metal are used for creating a very unique modern furniture style. Some of the best mid century modern home decor accessories include modern lighting fixtures, beds, fireplaces, sofas, cabinets, showpieces, and mirrors.


Other key elements that make up this interesting style include minimalism, which refers to using only a few decorative items in your interior. Examples of these minimal pieces include vases and dishes, wall prints, wall colors, wall decor, mirrors, and table and floor coverings. Mid century modern homes also encourage the use of natural materials such as wood, leather, fabric, and pressed wood. This allows you to create a cozy, homey feel with pieces that you can truly care for.

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