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Robert B. Burnette, Jr. is president of Badcock Home Furniture &more and in the past served as president and chief operating officer of the company. He has also been named on the boards of several other companies. Mr. Burnette’s son, Michael J. Burnette, is the company’s chief executive officer. The company does business through its national home supply division, Bed, Bath and Beyond, which is based in Maryland.

Jobs Available With Badcock Home Furniture

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To understand what kind of jobs are available with Badcock Home Furniture &more, you need to understand a little bit about the furniture company’s various offerings. The biggest offering is of course, the Badcock bed frame collection. These are available in traditional wood bed frames as well as upholstered metal frames for a variety of uses in the bedroom. In addition to the bed frames, the company also offers a wide variety of vanity sets, dresser sets, and many other accessories to help homeowners design an attractive home. Many items are sold under the rubric of “home improvement”, which helps to explain the company’s popularity among those who do home improvement projects or simply enjoy doing them. These are just a few of the items that can be found by browsing through the Badcock website.

In order to find out how long Robert B. Burnette, Jr. has been in business, I contacted him via email to find out. He replied in a short period of time and provided me with the information I was looking for: his career start date, the year he began working for Badcock Home Furniture &more, and his current location. In addition, I was able to find some information regarding his background. It turns out that Robert started his career at the beginning of the eighties selling office supplies at Kinko’s. He went on to start his own successful furniture company, called Slumberland, in the late nineties, but has since become primarily known for his Ashley industries, which he owns and operates from his home.

Know The Experiece Of Rober B.Burnette, Jr

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During our email conversation, we talked about several different areas of interest. We discussed his experience in office furnishing, which led him to start his own company. We also touched on his home furnishings company, which was started over thirty years ago. We were impressed by the quality of his workmanship and the attention to detail that were so distinctive. We also were impressed with his enthusiasm for his line of Ashley goods. The goal is to bring you, the consumer, the very best in home furnishings and home improvement products, starting with the products you need for yourself.

Summing Up

Overall, we are very happy with our decision to purchase the Ashley bedroom set from Badcock Home Furnishings &more. The prices are great, the quality is great, and our daughters are very happy with the end product. This company is one we will continue to use for our bedroom furniture needs. It is reassuring to know that we are paying a reasonable price for high quality items. The entire experience has been enjoyable, and it has allowed us to save quite a bit of money.

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