Vitrified Tiles: Things You Should Know I Interesting Facts

Vitrified Tiles: Things You Should Know

Vitrified Tiles: Things You Should Know

Now, either in our own home or in some public areas, such as some schools, hospitals, and stations, we generally place vitrified tiles on the floor. First, the use of tiles can make our environment beautiful. And we are more convenient in the subsequent cleaning process. However, there are many types of tiles, such as the most common vitrified tiles. It is not only soft and shiny but also very durable. There is also a kind of fully vitrified tiles. So which one is better among them?

First, The Rate Of Water Absorption Is Not The Same

Vitrified Tiles: Things You Should Know
Vitrified Tiles: Things You Should Know

The two-floor tiles we are talking about today are actually the same products, and the structure of the embryo body is the same, but the body is manufactured with an ultra-high temperature treatment, the hardness is very high and water absorption. The rate is extremely low. However, the embryonic body of the fully polished glazed tile also trips at a high temperature, but the requirement is not so high, so the water absorption rate will be higher.

Second, The Comparison Of The Production Process

Due to the production process, the texture of the vitrified tiles are relatively simple, and the production process of the enameled texture of the complete enamel is extremely high, which is more complicated than the general process of enameled bricks but has no verification. Wear-resistant brick, so this is also its drawback.

Third, The Wear-Resistant Non-Slip Surface

The vitrified tile is relatively soft and smooth, so the surface needs a special treatment to be non-slip and wear-resistant, but the texture of the full glass enamel is very rich and the color is also very rich.

Fourth, Which Is Better

No matter what type of tile is good, we still have to look at our own preferences and paving locations when choosing. For example, if it is a single wall, you can directly choose glazed tiles complete with rich patterns and patterns. This will make people shine, can improve the decorative effect.

What Makes Vitrified Tiles The Perfect Flooring Option?

These are one of the most well-known tiles of Fea Ceramics. Be it business spaces that persevere through overwhelming pedestrian activity or private ventures, in the event that you are searching for quality, they are only the ideal decision. How about we discover a portion of their focal points! U can utilize 600x600mm, 800x800mm, in porcelain twofold charge vitrified floor tiles.

Used For Both Commercial And Residential Uses!

You read that right! Vitrified tiles are impeccable to be utilized for business and private spaces. This is a direct result of their opposition against high traffic alongside simple accessibility. Regardless of whether it is for a shopping center floor or a private loft, Vitrified Tiles are everybody’s first decision!

These Tiles Retain The Shine

Regardless of whether it is your home or business space, it is fundamental to ensure that the appearance of the spot is kept up and held for quite a while; hence, making vitrified tiles ideal for ground surface. These tiles hold their sparkle for quite a while and keep up the look and feel of the space being referred to.

Vitrified Tiles: Things You Should Know
Vitrified Tiles: Things You Should Know

Vitrified Tiles Are Low Maintenance!

Aside from being high on the quality ground, these tiles are amazingly low on upkeep. Aside from the essential ones, they don’t require any sort of additional upkeep. These tiles are likewise simple to introduce, in this way making the undertaking less tedious.

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